I am Eevee. If you're thinking of a pokemon joke, consider the likelihood that I have heard it before and proceed accordingly.
I care a lot about fiction, words, and language. My primary motivators are "interesting" and trying to make things better. I try to make things better by helping people know more things and learn how to do more stuff, because that's what I'm good at. Things I'm not good at are hating people, making small talk, leaving well enough alone, go-karts, and attatching violin strings. Consent and critical thinking are very important to me. When I grow up, I want to be a time traveler.

23rd February 2012

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Things I Suck At That Most People Can Do By 5th Grade

1. Walking.

2. Eating with utensils.

3. Drinking out of a cup.

4.  Working with a group.

5. Remembering to brush my teeth.

6. Stairs (and going uphill in general).

7.  Riding a bicycle.

8.  Sitting in a chair.

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